Cedar Employment | Costs
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01268 209749

102 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7BY


As part of the services we are able to offer your business, we can perform an initial free Audit of your existing documents and policies/procedures. This will allow us to identify any problem areas and assess what needs to be amended or updated.

To facilitate this, we are happy to visit your premises and carry out the Audit following which we will provide a summary of what, if anything, needs to be changed to protect your business.

Retainer Package

Depending on the number of employees, we can provide direct access to an expert who will answer any queries and provide all necessary assistance/guidance on general employment matters. This will include help with implementing internal policies and procedures. This will be charged on a monthly basis per employee (fee dependant on numbers).

Contentious Issues

In the event that you become involved in an actual or potential employment tribunal claim then we can provide the necessary advice and representation you need but rather than on a rigid hourly rate, we will agree a fee with you for each stage in the process whether it is dealing with initial correspondence or each stage of the employment tribunal process. This will allow you to be fully aware of the costs you are incurring at all times and budget accordingly.


Should you prefer to obtain advice on any employment issues as and when you need to do so rather than under any of the other schemes mentioned above then we are happy to agree a one-off charge for that advice.