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About Us

01268 209749

102 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7BY


As a qualified Solicitor with 20 years’ experience in working for provincial law firms, advising businesses and individuals on employment law issues, Karl Barnes formed Cedar Employment Law Services with the purpose of providing specialist employment law advice and support in a more modern, flexible and cost-effective manner. Following the recession and mindful of the difficulties faced by businesses of all sizes both during that time and afterwards, Karl recognised that businesses were seeking advice and guidance in a manner that required a departure from traditional fixed hourly rates and rigid fee structures used by law firms. Cedar Employment Law Services was therefore conceived to achieve this and to do so by way of a more personalised and practical approach that ‘fits’ with how each individual business operates.

What we do

Karl Barnes has advised businesses of all sizes and industry over many years on a broad range of employment matters both contentious, for example, defending Employment Tribunal claims, and non-contentious, such as drafting contracts of employment and advising on how to manage disciplinary/grievance issues. Drawing on this experience, Cedar Employment Law Services fully appreciates and understands the concerns and type of issues facing businesses in the current heavily regulated field of employment law, enabling us to provide the necessary guidance and advice to ensure that businesses are fully compliant with their employment law obligations and avoid any expensive and damaging Employment Tribunal claims.

Our Mission

The commitment to this approach at Cedar Employment Law Services, together with the extensive experience and knowledge available to us, enables us to provide your business with the necessary advice and practical support it needs to meet its employment law obligations, leaving valuable resources free to focus on growth and development rather than dealing with constant employment law issues.

Karl Barnes

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